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Do You Have A Personal Mantra?

I loved the 20ll movie, The Help, starring Viola Davis.  In the movie, Davis played a black maid named Aibileen Clack. In one scene of the movie, she is holding a little girl, Mae, and telling her “You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important.”  The little girl repeats it back, “I is kind, […]

Find Joy In The Mundane

I read an essay this morning in the Wall Street Journal, written by Dr. Arthur Kleinman, a 79-year old man who is turning his isolation into a time of growth. He learned, while taking care of his late wife during her years with Alzheimers, to celebrate shared experiences, most of all the mundane tasks of […]

Are You Feeling Light On Friendship?

“You’re not a very good friend.” It’s true. One of my best friends told me this ten years ago. She was right. I didn’t reach out to her; she always reached out to me. I was often “too busy” to spend time with her. I didn’t support her when things in her life were sad. […]

Stop Yelling

Are you a yeller?   Who are you yelling at?   Your kids Your grandchildren Your spouse or significant other Your mom Your sister Your employees?   Why are you yelling?   If you’re like many other women, it’s an automatic response to your own level of stress and tension.   Or perhaps, it’s simply […]

Let It Be Enough

Women are wired to feel guilty.   We have an innate need to be productive.   …..checking things off on our lists. …..moving on to the next thing. …..completing projects. …..driving kids. …..planning events. …..making progress.   Yesterday, one of the lovely women in my Facebook community, the Women Who Spark Tribe, posted this inspiration: […]

Overcome Self Doubt

Self-doubt reigns strong within almost all of us. It shows up in different ways for different women at different times and to differing degrees. Your self-doubt may be mild or severe. It may be fleeting or steady. However it shows up for you, I want you to know you are not alone. Recently, I gave […]

Get Rid of That Low Confidence Problem

A couple of nights ago, my husband and I watched Miss Americana, a documentary about music megastar Taylor Swift. In it, Swift reveals her need to be clapped for. Her entire moral code, she explains, “is a need to be thought of as good.”   As I’ve continued to research confidence in women, there is […]

You Are Not Alone on Valentine’s Day

This is a tricky holiday. As I reflect over the years, I’ve had my own personal love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. When I was a little girl, I LOVED Valentine’s Day. I loved everything about it: picking out the box of cards I would give my friends at our school party, decorating my shoe box […]

7 Steps to Get Unstuck

137 women! I am so happy for these women who participated in my most recent challenge, “Kickstart Your New Decade.” These women, the ones who hung in there and did the work, got unstuck! Life has a lot going on. If you consider all of the balls you juggle every day, combined with all of […]

Five Steps to Make Progress in 2020

Do you want to get a strong start in 2020, make progress in your life immediately and avoid another ‘good enough’ year? I’m always acutely aware of the start of a new year. Good intentions are fresh. Women are hopeful to turn some things around. I’m no different. Do you know almost 80% of the […]

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