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Have A Friend, Be A Friend

Women. Need. Friends. You know it, right? And, yet, women are lonelier than ever in our history? According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), two in five Americans report that they sometimes or always feel their social relationships are not meaningful, and one in five say they feel lonely or socially isolated. In […]

Newsletter for Women Who Spark – August 2019

A Newsletter for The Women Who Spark Community Issue #1: August 2019 Hello Women Who Spark! I am so excited by the love and support that exists in this growing community of women. You are receiving this Newsletter, because you have signed up for something on my website at You’ve ordered my book, joined […]

Shoot! Mindless TV Reeled Me In and Derailed Me!

I am mad at myself! I don’t even really know how it happened. Actually, I know exactly why it happened. Because I didn’t have my priorities down on paper. I’m speaking for myself here. I am in the middle of a big project. Every 15-minute increment that I invest in this project helps me advance […]

Overcome the Comparison Trap

I arrived at work yesterday morning for an office team ‘field trip,’ and the two millennial women in our office had on the best outfits. They looked so cute. Can I say that? My first thought when I walked in the door and saw them was, “Oh shoot, I wore the wrong thing. I clearly […]

The Joy of Easing Lazily Into Your Day

I didn’t mean to be lazy this morning. It just happened. Well, actually, maybe I kinda meant this to happen. My husband and I got home late last night after attending a concert, and I didn’t……drum roll here…….set my alarm! There are a lot of ramifications for not setting an alarm. You see, I am […]

How to Battle Loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic. While almost everyone feels lonely sometimes, it can show up in different ways for different people. And to be clear, not everyone who is alone feels lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind. It is a feeling of missing out, of being unwanted, of not belonging anywhere. For example, some children […]

How To Be More Optimistic

I love Winnie the Pooh.  I love the characters, particularly who they represent among us humans. In a scene from one of my kids’ Winnie the Pooh movies that I watched years and years ago, Eeyore was sitting on the bank of the river looking particularly Eeyore-like, dismal.  Piglet came skipping along and asked Eeyore, […]

How to Work With A Mentor

In 1988, I was 25 years old and had just begun a transition from working as a sales rep for a national check printing company to working as an independent contractor in the training and development industry. And I was lucky enough to have a mentor without even knowing what a mentor was. First, a […]

How to Become More Successful

Success is relative. Your definition of success for yourself does not have to match someone else’s definition. Some women strive for a big job, a big house, big vacations and lots of stuff.  For them, that is the definition of success. Others strive for a job that is big enough, a house that is big […]

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