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Do You Need A Willpower Manager?

Did you know women overestimate their willpower? They do! I know it from first-hand experience. How many times have you been in a conversation with a friend? Or with yourself? It starts something like “That’s it! Once and for all, I’m going to ___________.” All is good and fine for a few hours, a few […]

I Am Spinning My Wheels Today!

Does this happen to you? It is 1:48 in the afternoon, and I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING today. I have so much to do, but it seems like I haven’t pulled out a to-do list today. Wait! The real problem with the to-do list is that it’s not updated. I’m like the cobbler […]

Lean Into Your Eighty-Year-Old Self

A lot of women are afraid of their future. I know this to be true. I’ve interviewed and researched the lives of hundreds of women over the past decade. I will be alone. I will not have enough money. My life feels like it’s over. My life didn’t turn out the way I thought it […]

Tame Your To-Do List

To-do lists are never finished. Where does your list reside? In your head or on paper? I know too many women who allow their to-do list to swirl around in their heads. Even if some of the list is dedicated to paper, it’s not common for a woman to ensure every last thing is dedicated […]

The Value of a Smile

The Value Of A Smile Today I took my dog, Luke, for a walk.  It was a beautiful, quiet morning.  Very few people were out and about, and I was just enjoying the peacefulness, blue sky and warm air.   As I walked past a house on my route, the front door opened, a woman […]

“That Makes Me Glad.”

30 minutes ago, I told my husband I needed something with sugar. I wasn’t thrilled that we didn’t have a lick of sugar in the house. Well, that’s not true. But you know what I mean. We didn’t have junk food sugar. No brownies or cookies or candy or cake or cupcakes or ice cream […]

Newsletter for Women Who Spark – September 2019

A Newsletter for The Women Who Spark Community “NEXT MONTH, WE’LL HAVE A NAME!” Issue #2: September 2019 Hello Women Who Spark! Whaaaaat? 3000 women have reached into the Women Who Spark community in some way. This is so exciting. Four months in….and every day reaches more amazing women. More than 800 of you have […]

Be A Proactive Welcomer

Two years ago, I attended a women’s event as a guest of a lovely friend. Given she is the president of the organization, she was beyond busy when I arrived, so I milled around, visiting some of the information tables and not knowing one single person in the room. Until one of my ever-so-friendly customers […]

Have A Friend, Be A Friend

Women. Need. Friends. You know it, right? And, yet, women are lonelier than ever in our history? According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), two in five Americans report that they sometimes or always feel their social relationships are not meaningful, and one in five say they feel lonely or socially isolated. In […]

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