Hey there, nice to meet you!

I’m Aleta!

Hey there—nice to meet you!

I’m Aleta!

I am passionate about…

…helping women find happiness, confidence, and purpose in their lives. And I believe in having a plan!

In fact, I’m so passionate about helping women with these things that I wrote a book, Women Who Spark: 12 Steps to Catapult Happiness, Cultivate Confidence and Discover the Purpose of Your Life. 

What inspired all of this?

During my 30-years as a business owner and coach (and even as a mom!), I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to help others find happiness, confidence and a sense of purpose.  And to help them lead productive, positive lives in the midst of daily demands, long to-do lists and unexpected setbacks.

I believe I’ve done this work more effectively along the way because of the imperfections of my own life. I know what it’s like when life problems creep in—often pushing us to our limits. Dealing with life’s challenges has made me more intentional about focusing on my future and more determined to help others do the same.

The alternative (one that many women choose) is to wallow in the difficulties of today.

“These days, I look into the eyes of other women. Smiles are often courageous, certainly very noble, when it’s difficult.”

Women are grappling with the demands of today, questioning their past, ruminating on questionable choices, and wondering about their future. Be assured, it’s possible to find lasting confidence and happiness, in spite of our circumstances.

I know too many women who are focused on surviving each day. They have no idea there are better, more hopeful possibilities to be discovered (and even authored) for their lives.

I’ve rolled up my sleeves to uncover the bigger purpose of my life. I want the decades-long striving for productivity and accomplishment to lead somewhere meaningful.

When I arrived on the other side of the messy middle of life (you know…..raising kids, working full time, stretching finances to pay the mortgage, getting too little sleep, missing workouts….I know you know the messy middle!), I wanted to have a fulfilling future ahead of me. I didn’t want life to have beat me down. In the process of my own searching, I discovered this:

My purpose in life is to help mid-life women lean confidently into their amazing future self!

Aleta Norris

My purpose in life is to help mid-life women lean confidently into their Amazing Future Self!

Aleta Norris

How can I help you?

Ladies, life is not over for us in our 50’s or 60’s. Not even close. Traditional retirement timeframes often lead us to think our productive years are winding down and any disappointments that have happened upon us will be part of our legacy.

On the contrary, today, many women are leading amazingly productive lives well into their 80’s and 90’s.  Many have reinvented their lives after age 50. Reinvention is different for everyone. There are so many ideas to choose from: a new businesses, revitalization of your health, an ending of a difficult relationship, the start of a new career, a return to college, the adoption of (or fostering of) a child, embarking on a new hobby or interest, and this list can go on and on.

Let’s join them. Let’s lean into an amazing future. As George Bernard Shaw so eloquently said, “Let’s be fully used up when we die.”

Are you interested but not sure where to start?

I can help you lean into your amazing future self (from wherever you are today).

I can help you find greater productivity and positivity in your life…and discover your sparks, for both the day that is in front of you, as well as the decades that will follow

Below are a few things to consider:

  1. Would you like a roadmap and a guide for designing an exciting future, while also up-leveling your current day-to-day life, the one that is right in front of you?  Consider Women Who Spark Boot Camp.   I launch new groups every spring and fall. Learn more.
  1. As mentioned, I’ve written a book called, Women Who Spark: 12 Steps to Catapult Happiness, Cultivate Confidence and Discover the Purpose of Your Life. Click here to read a sample chapter (Step Five: Cultivate Confidence) or order my book.
  1. Are you interested in joining a community of women who rally around support, encouragement, inspiration and friendship? I have created a community of women for you to be a part of on Facebook. And…connect with the Women Who Spark Community on my Tribe page. Thousands of women are LOVING this community.

I want to help you find greater productivity and positivity in your life. Most importantly, I want to help you discover the sparks.

Let me ask you a few questions?

  • Do you wonder if there is something more to life than what you have going right now?
  • Are you losing interest in your 20+ year career? Are you bored? Burned out?
  • Are you confused about what you’ll do now that the kids are gone (or almost gone)?
  • Does your life feel like it hasn’t come together the way you envisioned?
  • Are you still healing from the ending of a relationship?
  • Do you have a blank page of dreams?
  • Do you have a passion project idea or business idea…with no idea how to start?
  • Do you yearn for more happiness, confidence, and purpose?

Don’t let good enough be good enough.

I’d love to support you in your journey.

A few fun facts:

SPOUSE: I am married to my quirky, amazing husband, Steve. We are avid baseball fans and got married at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, in 2017.

FAMILY: Together with Steve, I have five fun, adventurous adult children who teach us about living life fully.

MY LIFE’s WORK: I have co-owned a leadership training and coaching firm, Living As A Leader, for almost 25 years and have had the privilege of supporting thousands of leaders across the United States. My work at Living As A Leader continues today.

PETS: Luke, our Goldendoodle, is a big floppy muppet dog. My husband is the one who said we’d be even happier if we had a dog. He was right.

HOBBIES: Plants and flowers in the summer!

LIFE MANTRA: Good and bad co-exist; Happiness and sadness co-exist; Success and failure co-exist. Through all of it, we can find happiness, joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

SPARKS: Aside from these five kids in our family, one of the greatest sources of my joy is my zany girlfriend group. We all need a tribe who makes us laugh!

FITNESS: I work out at 9Round Fitness. Three or four times a week. In and out in 30 minutes. Bonus: I get to punch and kick things!

MOST DIFFICULT HABIT TO BREAK: Drinking Diet Coke. Who am I kidding? Will this ever happen?

CHALLENGE: I had a twenty-year stint as a single mom to my three really cool kids. They’re great in their adult lives: Happy, productive, adventurous. I’ll be peppering in stories to share the good times and the tough moments during those years to let all of you single moms know it can all turn out okay!

SIMPLE PLEASURES: Hot tea in the morning. A cold Chardonnay on a warm sunny day. A cozy fire in January.