“Aleta’s superpower is supreme listening and the extraordinary ability to show you the path in a way that makes you feel like you found it yourself. But trust me, you didn’t. Aleta holds the golden ticket to spark your new life journey. Grab it!”

Katrina Cravy, Speaker and Communications Advisor

Laser Coaching Support:

Do you have something on your mind? Are you struggling or stuck on an issue? In a funk? Dealing with single mom issues? Not sure where you’re going at work? Are you looking for your spark?

60 to 90-minute coaching sessions are designed to equip you with what you need to get unstuck and moving in a positive direction. I’ll offer you an outside perspective, and equip you with practical strategies to take your next steps.

“Aleta operates from the source of love. She is patient and kind, yet thorough.  I was a mess. My life was a mess, but I am a better person today because of Aleta. My life, career, and goals are clearly mapped out for me based on my desires, and Aleta is the reason for that.”


Monthly Coaching Support

Are you interested in sustained coaching support?

I suggest you begin by completing the “Women Who Spark Life Assessment.”   Our first session will be an exploring session, followed by an agreed-upon plan to support your goals.

$300 per 60-minute session or $275 per session if you buy a six-coaching-session package.

After you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive a link to schedule time on my calendar. 

Perhaps you need to explore?

Feel free to book a 15-minute consult call. Schedule your call