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Women Who Spark After 50

After I wrote Women Who Spark, thousands of women, perhaps just like you, inspired me—through their stories—to write Women Who Spark After 50. This book is full of stories of women who reinvented and reignited their life for the second half.

Before you pick up a copy on Amazon, feel free to take a look at the first two chapters. 

What You Can Expect

You are so not finished living your life!

Have you fallen into the trap of believing that most of your life has been lived once you reach your 50s?

Do you find yourself lamenting your unrealized dreams?

Are you more focused on smoldering disappointments than future possibilities?

Are you experiencing burnout or boredom from a lifelong career?

Bestselling author and coach Aleta Norris was standing in your shoes. As her lifelong leadership development career—one that she has always loved—hit the 30-year mark, she was surprised to find herself feeling restless. She knew she needed to reinvent something in her life. So that’s exactly what she did when she wrote her first book, Women Who Spark.

In Women Who Spark After 50, Aleta will continue to inspire the spark within you by:

  • Sharing stories of midlife women who got up and got busy!
  • Helping you tap into unrealized dreams and passions
  • Giving you the courage¾and a roadmap¾to put your dreams first after years of taking care of others.

Get ready for an amazing second half!

Ready to get started on your journey?

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