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Newsletter for Women Who Spark – August 2019

A Newsletter for The Women Who Spark Community

Issue #1: August 2019

Hello Women Who Spark!

I am so excited by the love and support that exists in this growing community of women.

You are receiving this Newsletter, because you have signed up for something on my website at You’ve ordered my book, joined my book launch team, signed up for the Facebook Tribe, filled out a survey, or signed up for my blog or newsletter.

So here we are.

My website, while it’s named after me ( is all about Women Who Spark.


You will know if you have it. It’s about being on FIRE. When you have a spark, you are confident, happy and doing things to support your purpose or passion in the world. You’re doing things you love and impacting the lives of others. You’re excited to wake up and get your day started. You have somewhere to go, things to do, people to affect, dreams to advance…and, you need more hours in you day because you don’t want to stop.

From Women Who Spark  (Release date: 9/20/19)

I am beyond excited for the response to this idea….that so many of us are looking to up level our lives with more positivity and productivity. We want to be happier, more confident and more on fire for our lives.

So, what about this Newsletter? Why am I sending this to you? A monthly newsletter is an informal way to communicate with you. It may become fancier over time. For now, I would like to use this as a way to be in touch with you, and to talk about some things in more depth than I can on the Facebook Tribe page or in any other way of that matter.

A Variety of Miscellaneous Things To Share With You!

1. I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Aleta Norris. I am a wife to Steve (whose purpose in life is to make people laugh), a mom of five adult children and a six-year old goldendoodle, a business owner of 30 years, a friend, sister, daughter, and a new author. Many of these things, just like you. I live in Milwaukee, WI which is, you might be surprised to learn, an amazing city. We’re on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and have too many fantastic nooks and crannies to share in a first introduction.

I knew in 2006 that I would one day write a book and provide encouragement for women looking for more. You see, this was my tough season in life. Following two almost back-to-back divorces, I was healing and growing in ways I never wanted to. With the mess I found myself in, I put a stake in the ground and declared that I would use it for good.

Here we are 13 years later, and I can’t believe the way in which you’ve embraced everything related to Women Who Spark.  

2. Women Who Spark Tribe

The Women Who Spark Tribe is a Facebook Community of Women. And holy smokes, you all are rockin’ it. I am witnessing the most amazing interactions: celebration, vulnerability, support, encouragement, teaching, praying, On May 1st, we had two members: me and my sister, Sherri Block. Today, just three months later, we have 426 members. Yay! Please look us up on Facebook if you haven’t joined the Tribe yet. You’ll find us at Women Who Spark Tribe. See you over there!

3. Women Who Spark Book

I am so excited about the upcoming release of Women Who Spark: 12 Steps to Catapult Happiness, Cultivate Confidence, and Discover the Purpose of Your Life. It will be available on September 19 on Amazon. Please mark your calendar!

Thanks to the amazing talents of book editors, I am very pleased with the final outcome of the book, and I’m so eager to hear what you think. You can purchase advance copies of the book at

Do you have a book in you? I encourage you to write it. If you want to chat more, drop me a line at [email protected].

4. Women Who Spark Book Launch Team

I am so excited about the 72 women who have joined VIP Book Launch Team to help spread the message of Women Who Spark. The more women we reach, the more women we help. We still have a couple of weeks before the team dives in and gets to work!

Would you consider joining the team? Learn more about freebies and discounts at

5. This Newsletter! We have to name it.

One thought is Women Who Spark Newsletter, but that just feels a bit uncreative.  What ideas do you have? Please drop me a line at [email protected].

6. What would you like to see in a monthly Newsletter?

I have some ideas! Recaps of some of the content posted during the past month, tips for finances and fitness (two areas women are very interested in), featured members, upcoming events and….what else do you have in mind?

Have a wonderful month! Be on the lookout for next week’s blog. I’ll be talking about the value of morning routines.



Join my Women Who Spark Tribe Facebook Community to become part of a supportive group of women….seeking positivity and productivity in life, just like you.

If you’d like to contribute your thoughts to my research on women’s fulfillment, you can find my survey at

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