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Newsletter for Women Who Spark – September 2019

A Newsletter for The Women Who Spark Community


Issue #2: September 2019

Hello Women Who Spark!

Whaaaaat? 3000 women have reached into the Women Who Spark community in some way. This is so exciting. Four months in….and every day reaches more amazing women.

More than 800 of you have joined the Facebook Community, Women Who Spark Tribe. If you have not joined this community of supportive, encouraging, positive women, please come on over and join us.

You can join at


Over 1000 of you have downloaded a copy of my FREE eGuide, Do Good, Be Great, Feel Happy.

You can download this guide at


My new book, Women Who Spark, will be released on Amazon on September 20, 2019.

You can watch the book trailer at

You can pre-order an autographed copy on my website at


A Few Miscellaneous Things To Share With You!

1: I would like to introduce myself.

For those of you who are new to Women Who Spark, my name is Aleta Norris. I am a wife to Steve (whose purpose in life is to make people laugh), a mom of five adult children and a six-year old goldendoodle, a business owner of 30 years, a friend, sister, daughter, and a new author. Many of these things, just like you. I live in Milwaukee, WI which is, you might be surprised to learn, an amazing city. We’re on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and have too many fantastic nooks and crannies to share in a first introduction.

I knew in 2006 that I would one day write a book and provide encouragement for women looking for more. You see, this was my tough season in life. Following two almost back-to-back divorces, I was healing and growing in ways I never wanted to. With the mess I found myself in, I put a stake in the ground and declared that I would use it for good.

Here we are 13 years later, and I can’t believe the way in which you’ve embraced everything related to Women Who Spark. 

2: This Newsletter! We have to name it…..and our contest in underway. 

We COULD name this the Women Who Spark Newsletter, but that just feels a bit uncreative.  We have a contest underway RIGHT now, and voting will go through the end of day TODAY, September 2. If you catch this early, you can cast your vote at  More than 70 titles were submitted by women in the Facebook Community!  Please help us out.

3: What would you like to see in a monthly Newsletter?

I have some ideas! Recaps of some of the content posted during the past month, tips for finances and fitness (two areas women are very interested in), featured members, upcoming events and….what else do you have in mind? Drop me a line at [email protected].

Have a wonderful month! Be on the lookout for next week’s blog. I’ll be talking about how to create a sense of belonging for yourself and others.

4: The Women Who Spark Foundation is coming! 

More exciting information about this “women helping women” opportunity will be in the next issue.


Have a wonderful day.



Join my Women Who Spark Tribe Facebook Community to become part of a supportive group of women….seeking positivity and productivity in life, just like you.

If you’d like to contribute your thoughts to my research on women’s fulfillment, you can find my survey at


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