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  • PART ONE: A General Look Back

  • PART TWO: An Assessment of Key Areas of Your Life

    You will be presented with ten key areas of life. For each area, rate your current level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 – 5. You may skip areas that are not relevant for you.
    5 = I am extremely satisfied with this area of my life.
    4 = I am satisfied most of the time.
    3 = I am satisfied about half of the time.
    2 = I am, for the most part, dissatisfied with this area of my life.
    1 = I am doing terribly here
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    Relationship with your spouse or significant other
    Health and fitness
    Spirituality, joy, peace and contentment
    Home and space
    Hobbies and interests
    Work and professional life
    Mom role
  • PART THREE: Select Your Priorities

    Now it’s time to think about planning. From the list below, select three areas you would like to focus on intentionally in the coming year. In selecting these areas, you are saying “These are high priorities for me, and I want to get create a plan to improve in these areas.” This does not mean you can’t work on other areas. Your choices are simply helping you prioritize how you use your time, energy and resources.